Sales Training Does Not Work
Let’s face it--sales training events don’t work.  You send your rep off site for MPS sales training to have them overwhelmed with power point slides for a few days and onn the way home, they forget some of what they have learned before they ever get to use it.  The course binder ends up with the other binders and hit their territory on Monday morning to catch up from the days out of the field at training.  It is two weeks before they finally set their first MPS appointment, but the training has faded and they have questions and no one to answer them, so the rep gets frustrated and gives up on trying to implement the training. 

MPS Sales Mentoring
Creating successful sales people is a process not an event.  Selling MPS has it's own unique sales motion that is not learned in a couple of days.  Success in a critical venture like MPS requires more than training.  You need someone to come along side your sales people and mentor them. 
The Managed Print RESULTS program provides mentoring and coaching to your sales people.  They receive knowledge as they need it.  Then, they have a support structure to answer their questions and coach them through the sales process.   
A Proven Process
We have developed a proven twelve week sales development process to ensure success of the participants. There is no travel involved as the participants meet twice a week for an hour via phone and web meeting facilitated by a coach.  Reps learn how to apply the acquired skills to the real world of selling managed print services and discuss the results in subsequent sessions.
Skill Building
MPS reps participate in weekly skill building calls.  Presenting and role playing are used to help crystallize skill development. Each call is followed with specific action steps, ensuring that skills are internalized.  Participants learn the fundamentals of:
  • Getting appointments with C-level executives
  • Building the business case for developing a print optimization strategy
  • Closing for the assessment
  • Conducting an effective print assessment
  • Preparing and presenting the proposed solution
  • Closing the deal and conducting account reviews
Sales Tools
Reps take advantage of a complete set of customizable sales tools to support each skill module. 
  • Brandable MPS brochure
  • C level prospecting script
  • Typical objections and responses
  • Scripted Power Point presentation for building the business case for a print optimization strategy
  • Closing for the assessment script
  • Sample deliverables
  • Forms for conducting assessments
  • MPS interview questionnaires for C-level, IT, and work groups
  • MPS white paper
Best Practices
Skills and tools by themselves are fine.  However, the key is to make sure they get applied.  Each week, reps participate in a best practices roundtable.  This call is an open forum for sales reps to talk about the successes and challenges they are facing in specific selling situations.   Reps benefit from the combined experience of the group and leave better prepared to execute in the real world. 
Integrated Marketing
To achieve the maximum results, we highly recommend our integrated marketing program which provides for educating prospects while the sales process will have all of the marketing followed up with sales contacts. Effective marketing can include tools like C-level targeted direct mail, micro-site lead capturing, and newsletters.
Sales reps are held accountable for their activity and results.  Weekly reporting ensures that reps are striving to meet the required target of 8 C-level appointments per week.  Sales funnel reporting provides the basis for coaching reps on managing deals to closure. Win/Loss reports provide an analysis of the outcome of the reps sales efforts.
Experienced Professionals
Mentoring for the Managed Print RESULTS program is delivered by a team of experienced sales professionals with extensive managed print backgrounds
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